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The home of technological innovations and business cultivating opportunities!

Mobile Applications

The world has been evolved around mobile technology and your customers demand the best mobile app and mobile web experiences

Web Applications

@DK Mobility, we develop and design customized client-server software applications and contents management systems

Niche Social Marketing

@DK Mobility, we specialize in niche markets and develop end-to-end integrated social marketing solutions with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others

Data Centric Architecture and Data Mining

Stay ahead of your competition! What we need are Predictive Analytics - Business Analytics - Machine Learning Capability!


The most powerful online and electronic toolset to bring the knowledge from an educator, manufacturer, business owner, distributor, seller, ... to the consumer end-users

Unlimited Support

@DK Mobility, we value and listen to our customers, business partners and the entire eco-system we built around us

We provide state of the art merchant services across businesses

POS for retail, groceries, restaurants, nails & beauty salon, suppliers and distributors, ...

Cloud-based and state of the art point-of-sale systems and in-store integrated payments.

Virtual/ACH and ecommerce gateway services

Shop online and virtual payments via secured gateways.

Credit cards merchant services

Most user-friendly face-to-face and speedy payment terminals.

Mobile payment services

The power of on go and convenient payments with a portable, wireless and mobile card reader.


Nails and beauty spa

We provide a mobile platform where salon owners and their clients can socially interface and communicate with each other in the most convenient way.

The most powerful marketing tool is mobile-to-mobile!

Support Partners, Manufacturers and Distributors

We are proud to be an expert in building consumer applications and enterprise applications to support our strategic partners and communities.